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  1. Feb 05,  · While the Roman Tetrarchy is the most famous, other four-person ruling groups have existed throughout history. Among the best-known was The Herodian Tetrarchy, also called the Tetrarchy of Judea. This group, formed after the death of Herod the Great in 4 .
  2. Terms tetrarchy. A form of government in which power is divided between four individuals. In ancient Rome, a system of government instituted by Diocletian that split power between two rulers in the east, and two rulers in the west.
  3. Define tetrarchy. tetrarchy synonyms, tetrarchy pronunciation, tetrarchy translation, English dictionary definition of tetrarchy. also tet·rar·chate n. pl. tet·rar·chies also tet·rar·chates 1. The area ruled by a tetrarch. 2. a. Joint rule by four governors. b. The four governors so.
  4. Tetrarchy: system of imperial succession, developed by the Roman emperor Diocletian. The tetrarchs (San Marco, Venice) One of the great problems of the Roman government during the third century had been the uneasy succession. Any successful general could and would claim the throne. Another problem was that only a few of these had been able to.
  5. Later, the term tetrarchy was applied to the four divisions of Galatia (in Anatolia) before its conquest by the Romans ( bc). Even later, “tetrarch” became familiar as the title of certain Hellenized rulers of petty dynasties in Syria and Palestine, whom the Romans allowed a measure of independent sovereignty.
  6. tet·rarch (tĕt′rärk′, tē′trärk′) n. 1. a. A subordinate ruler. b. One of four joint rulers. 2. A governor of one of four divisions of a country or province, especially in the ancient Roman Empire. 3. The commander of a subdivision of a phalanx in ancient Greece. [Middle English tetrarche, a Roman tetrarch, from Old French, from Late Latin.
  7. Tetrarchy definition: the rule or territory of a tetrarch | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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